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Ada + Ivy Photography


Ada + Ivy specialize in capturing authentic moments in a creative way

With a calm and relaxed approach to documenting your day, Ada + Ivy specialize in capturing authentic moments in a creative way. Experienced, professional, a keen eye for stunning light and using the natural energy of your celebration- we create a timeless set of images that reflect your day, as it happened and how you enjoyed it.

With multiple presentation options available including albums and wall art- please don’t hesitate to get in touch to chat about your plans and what you’d like from your wedding photography.

  • What do you love most about what you do? Well this is surprisingly hard to answer simply haha!

    I adore learning about the unique journey each couple takes that brings them to deciding to get married. Hearing about how they met, why they chose each other and being excited to begin the next part together.
    Everyone has their own mannerisms that show each other how much they are loved, their own language and story. I love seeing it and finding a way to capture it for them, on their happiest day and being trusted to do so.
    It's pretty darn cool.
  • What is your advice for a healthy, long lasting relationship? Laugh together everyday.
    At something silly, stupid, ridiculous- whatever!
  • What is your best advice to couples planning their wedding? Decide together what you would both like out of your wedding day- what suits you most and what you want to remember.
    If you can't find what it is you both want- then decide what it is you definitely don't want- sometimes its easier to see what you like, when you can see what you don't.

    Just do it your way. It's your day and as in all life's big moments, there's no manual to tell you the best way to do it, but there's always lots of advice from others who have done it before you:)
    Just remember what you guys want and make that the most important thing.

    Also- don't sweat the small stuff. Nobody will remember the colour of the ribbon on the guests gift bags for example, but everyone remembers seeing you both having a great time and enjoying yourselves:)