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Aaron Shum Photography


Humble | Beloved | Bespoke

For me its Just not a wedding, elopement or commitment ceremony, its all about your love story and photographing you in your environment from the beach to the mountains.


Whoever | I want to capture your natural self, from your most raddest moment to the most romantic moments and all the emotions in between.

My style | There are three things I keep at heart when behind the camera

Humble – Just true photos of your and your loved one. humble images to show you at your best light, the unscripted, the fun , the joy and the story…. and promise no cheesy poses!

Beloved – To capture the raw connection and emotions you share with your beloved.  Those moments that set the sky’s alight, the gentle touches, the kisses and the embraces.

Bespoke – I want your wedding to stand out, have new creativity for your day and mold images to suit who you are.

I will be there | New South Whales, Queensland and aboard. I don’t have time limits on my packages, you have spent so long planning your day and all the details from waking up to leaving the venue. I will be there to capture all of day, to tell your story.

The Catch up | I want to hear and listen to you, hear what you want and to be a real person to you and have a lough. We can meet face to face or Skype, whatever suits you.

  • What do you love most about what you do? I love the "love story" of the couples I meet... I love that a wedding is a reflection of my rad brides and grooms personality and that they invite me to capture them in their moments of joy... its pretty fun!
  • In my spare time I love collecting... I collect a few things. The quirky one is.... vintage pool balls. Haha it makes me laugh just thinking I have a few hundred just chilling in wire baskets around the home. I also collect old lighthouse books, wine and cameras.
  • The most romantic location in Australia is... Is any destination I go to with my love Zoe.