Submission guidelines

Before we get started, please review our terms of agreement below. These guidelines are in place to ensure that the content we run is initially released exclusively to our readers. 


We kindly ask that your submission is not submitted to and has not appeared in/on any other blog or magazines.

We understand that you love to show off your work too, so we are happy for the work to have been featured on your own website or blog prior to the post going live. If you could please limit this (where possible) to a sneak peak or shorter style post on your blog, and a small number of images across social media.


If additional content is required, you will be contacted directly by a member of our team. This will need to be provided before we can schedule your post (should your submission be accepted).


We are inundated with beautiful submissions, but will endeavour to provide you with an approximate timeframe for your post.


Once your submission has been posted, we kindly ask that you promote it across your own social media channels and credit white Magazine in all relevant posts.