The Man Plan


The Man Plan by James Kerley

Some of the Man Plan contents…

  •  How to cook a killer meal- even if you’re drunk!
  •  Relationships- how to get a good one and get out of a nightmare!
  •  Get your fit s#@! together- fitness shortcuts and workouts.
  •  Health and Diet
  •  Career
  •  Finance
  •  Bogan proofing

Five Reasons you need The Man Plan. (or why  your man needs The Man Plan?)

  1. The Man Plan is a one stop shop of tips for any Aussie guy. It comes packed with laughs and life improving ass kicking shortcuts and expertise.
  2. Ultimate Christmas present for the man in your life or a mate who could do with a kick in the arse!
  3. If your girlfriend nags you- buy the book and pretend your are reading it.
  4. If you fail to buy The Man Plan, you plan to fail.
  5. Grow a pair and be the man you could be. Shout yourself  THE MAN PLAN

Oh and it comes in a nifty black gift box!


“I was planning to study history’s greatest minds in a quest to become a better man, but then I found this book, so I reckon I’m sorted now.”
Wil Anderson, Comedian

“I was illiterate before I read this book. Now I can read volumes. That should give you an idea of how impressive the writing is.”
MC Suffa, Hilltop Hoods

“What?! He’s writing a book advising other men on how to live? Are you serious?! You do realise he once kidnapped my dogs for a joyride in a plane?”
James Kerley’s Girlfriend