Issue 19


Issue 19 highlights…

Soil And Soul – Okay, we’ll admit it – we all have a crush on the adorable Costa Georgiadis from ABC’s iconic Gardening Australia. C’mon, who doesn’t?! Costa spoke passionately to us here at white about the intimate connection between our food, the future of our planet and the quality of our relationships.  This intimate interview with down-to-earth Costa, shows his obvious passion not just for the earth, but for the people who inhabit it.

How Does Your Garden Grow? – While comparing relationships to gardening seems a little obvious, our Choe Brereton insists this is more than empty cheese – there’s really something to this metaphor! Besides, it’s our Eco issue…we just had to!

Eating Eco – This whole subject can get pretty overwhelming and confusing. Tim Elwin from Urban Food Market gives us eco catering 101. “Make less, eat less and throw less away. Make sure you eat those left overs!” Sounds pretty simple. This fabulous article gives some great, easy tips to eating eco on your wedding day.

Still The One I Love – After 64 love-filled years together, Winsome and Samuel have lived in more homes than we’ve had hot dinners, but it’s only ever drawn them closer together. From apple orchids to mouse-trapping, this gorgeous couple’s story, written by their grand-daughter, will melt your heart.

Homemade Mud– Make up extraordinaire, Jes O’Brien, talk us through her top three edible beauty products. Yes, you heard us right. But check out this awesome article first before you start slapping Nutella on your t-zone.

The Great Divide – Our own Mark Cooper looks at the sometimes controversial subject of gender roles in relationships and concludes that we are different, but different is not necessarily a dirty word.