Don’ts for Weddings


Taken from a 1904 set of guidelines for brides and grooms, with quotes like these, how could you NOT read this little classic as part of your wedding preparation?

  • Don’t expect, as the groom, to receive as much attention as your bride. It is probably a matter of clothes.
  • Don’t stay to the very end and pocket morsels of bridecake.
  • Don’t throw rice at the young couple, which is not soothing to receive in the eye or ear. Paper confetti are a harmless substitute.
  • Don’t hang your new husband round with bags, hat-boxes, and other impedimenta.
  • Don’t marry your first cousin. It is your plain duty to abstain from such a union as the intermarriage of family members leads to physical deterioration in unborn generations.

Hmmm…those Edwardians might have been onto something after all.