Zoe + Mat


A charming rustic garden wedding was just the ticket for this laidback and humble couple, Zoe and Mat. The pair stuck to a few traditions throughout the day, but ultimately ensured their wedding was comfortable and fun not just for themselves, but for their guests as well. Scroll down to read how Mat popped the question, and to see how their day unfolded with images by Edwina Robertson.

“Mat proposed on my 24th birthday. We were staying at the Novotel in Newcastle and going out for dinner and drinks with all our friends. Once we got into the taxi Mat requested that the driver take us the long way to the restaurant (I immediately complained we would be late) he had the driver stop at Strezlecki Lookout which overlooks the beach and we got out to take a photo and to my surprise he was all of a sudden down on one knee. It was so amazing especially because we then went to the restaurant and got to surprise each of our friends with our news as they arrived.”


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