Poetry in Motion


We love a gorgeous bit of motion art. Check out this stunning piece of footage by the talented trio behind Zephyr Productions. And if after watching it you can stop blowing into your tissues long enough to scroll down, there’s a cool little interview with Zephyr’s James Alexander.


How did you get into film? As far back as I can remember my father always had a camcorder in his hand filming family events, trips to the park and family holidays. They’re brilliant to look back on. I still have all these films lying somewhere around the house. Throughout school, my friends and I would get together write silly scripts and use my dad’s camcorder to make these short little comedies. Looking back on them now it makes me cringe, they were so bad! Slowly it evolved and snowballed from just a bit of fun to a full-time job as a wedding videographer in Melbourne.

You love shooting weddings because … each one is completely different. Each day presents new people, locations, stories that allow me to continually push my creativity and craft. In terms of satisfying the creative side of me, weddings are perfect. You couldn’t ask for better shooting conditions. Everyone is always looking their best, you have stunningly styled sets as your backdrops and there are so many crazy emotions going on that you are never short of something to shoot.  At the end of the day, all you’re left with is memories. I’m privileged that I can capture one of the most important days of your life and preserve these memories forever.

We love your style. What is it? It’s such an amalgamation of so many influences. I guess I would say it’s non-traditional; it’s arty and fun and a bit nostalgic. Most importantly though, it’s subtle. For me, wedding videography isn’t about using lots of wizz bang filming contraptions. Just a camera to unobtrusively capture the story that is your wedding.

After a long day you relax with … food and movies! I can’t get enough of Thai and Indian food. Combine that with a great movie and I’m not going anywhere!




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