So You’re Getting Married


As the wedding draws near most brides start to stress about their health and fitness. Please don’t go on the calorie count and spend every minute of your spare time at the gym making yourself worn out and even more stressed. Find something you love to do and set an achievable and reasonable goal.

When you exercise, you help flush toxins out of your body. You also improve your circulation and bring more blood to the surface of the skin. This not only gives you a healthy glow post-exercise, but it keeps your skin cells healthier in the long run too.

If you like walking, start doing more hills and even add some stairs in the routine; there are always plenty of park benches to do tricep dips, pushups, step-ups and abdominal exercises along the way. Think outside the square.

Pilates and Yoga are a great way to create space in your mind and also work your body in a much more feminine way. Xtend Barre classes are a new fabulous Pilates dance-amplified class that gives you a total body workout with amazing result.

Weights are also a great way to create lean muscles. Try and create a good balance in your weekly schedule so you’re at least doing something different once a week.

If you make this a healthy lifestyle change rather than a quick fix before the wedding it will be so much more enjoyable and less stressful for you. Start slow and go easy—you’ll feel fitter and stronger each month so challenge yourself, diarise your efforts, up the pace, up the weights, and up the distance and time!

If wedding planning is stressing you out, you need exercise to release any built up anxiety. The result? Glowing skin, a mood boost, and a greater ability to think. All these things will help you look beautiful, calm, and happy on your wedding day.


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