You won’t believe what happened at the end of this Elegant French Wedding!


Erin + Jessie’s elegant French wedding had all the elements of soft romance and vintage nostalgia, with a magical atmosphere of candlelight, natural wood, and cream-colored blooms. But the end of the day will give you a surprise!

Inspired by the light and nature of Provence, bride Erin shared with us about her day:

To celebrate our wedding, we hosted our friends and family for 4 nights in the South of France. It was amazing to see our loved ones from around the world come together (over lots of wine and cheese!). The extra time we shared meant that everyone was already friends by the time the wedding day came and our wedding dinner warmed my heart. I had been so nervous about seating charts and making sure everyone had someone to talk to, but in the end everyone felt like one huge family around one giant dinner table. Marriage is a declaration of timeless love, so we thought that understated, elegant touches would give us a day that we could look back on and cherish 50 years from now.

After assembling the event design with our amazing planners, everything felt perfect… in fact, it felt too perfect. We wanted to add a little spice to the mix, so we hired a tattoo artist for our reception! We had our first kiss as man and wife, walked down the aisle, took our photos, and my husband and I both got our first tattoos. Now we have a permanent reminder of our wedding day and commitment to each other, but also our guests went CRAZY for this. I think over 10 people got tattoos that night, including my father in law! Pledging to love someone forever is bold, romantic, and a little bit dangerous – we thought the tattoos were the perfect symbol for this step we were taking and a badass complement to our otherwise lovely event.


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