You are gold, baby. Pure gold.


Long distance lovers in the golden hues of Arizona. When we saw these gorgeous images by Kaylee Chelsea Photography, we were in love! We asked Kayla a few questions about her long distance relationship with Danny, to get an insight into how it has grown them as a couple.

How did you meet?

Danny’s sister, Hannah, was the one who got us together and started it all. We’d briefly seen each other only a few times before she made things happen. It only took Danny and I all summer to connect, three years ago, but it was so worth it. I was hooked after our first date!

What has it been like doing long distance?

Long distance has its perks for sure as crazy as that sounds. He’s currently playing D1 hockey up in Fairbanks, Alaska so I absolutely love watching his games with his parents every weekend. Keeping a countdown until I go up to visit him each time makes it so exciting.

Once we finally are together, time stops. Long distance has made us realize how important it is to really appreciate every minute we get.

What do you most look forward to in the future?

I look forward to booking several more trips up to see him! He always takes me somewhere new in Alaska and to our regular favorite restaurants. Each trip has more memories than before, so I’m excited to see what he has in store for us.

What’s the best relationship advice anyone has given you?

Keeping God the center of your relationship. This has done wonders for us. Our faith has grown immensely over the years because of our mentors sharing that bit of advice with us. It helps us on an individual level as well as within our relationship. The daily reminder that God has us right where he wants us is the most reassuring feeling.


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