Winter Nomadic Shoot


This nomadic bride is bare footed, free spirited and loves the simple pleasures of life. She features among the raw beauty of the surroundings, encapsulating the romance alongside a dappled white horse.

Together, Sony from Truly and Madly, and Connor Adams have thought out and created a dreamy shoot, set amongst the moody coastline of Okura beach in Auckland, New Zealand. Their location is sprinkled in white snowflake shells, draping trees and soft textures, as the sunset reflects a soft golden glow.

The bride wears an understated gown with a sheer lace overlay and embroidered veil, and whilst on the horse is met by the brights of the sun in a dream-like state. Following, we see her embrace a Winterish evening dining setting on the ground, surrounded by fur wraps, lanterns, leather and rustic candlesticks, all in place among the wilderness.


Dream of Love from De Coeur a Coeur on Vimeo.


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