Winter Nights


The season for snuggling is upon us! Get your loving arms ready for a workout with these warm winter treats.

Drink: Deluxe Hot Choc
One of the best things about the cold weather is the methods we use to warm up… Hot chocolate time! There’s nothing more luxurious than a real homemade mug of smooth chocolate. For a killer drink, combine two cups of hot milk with a dark chocolate bar broken up and stir until combined. If you’re feeling lavish, replace half of the milk with thickened cream (mouth watering yet?) or for a Mexican twist add a touch of cinnamon. Delicioso!

Wear: Smitten Mitten
When its cold outside, glove and beanie wearing weather, and you’re with your beau. All you want to do is stroll hand-in-hand, but sometimes those thick-fingered gloves can get in the way of lovebirds. A cute pair of Smitten Mittens can fix that! Place the preferred hand in the single glove, and meet your lover’s hand amongst the soft warmness inside the joint mitten. These things were tailor-made for sweethearts!

Compete: Game Maniacs
Dust off the box and pull out all your best moves. Its not an 80s aerobics video, its those board games that were once long forgotten! There’s nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition, especially when it comes to games that take a bit of skill. Try Monopoly or Balderdash to get your brain in tangles! Raise the stakes on those rainy days – the winner gets dinner cooked for them.

Romance: Candlelight Dinner
A simple date night in can come together with dimming of lights and the lighting of candles. Instant romance! Sharing a meal together can only be made more intimate as you sit close to see each other in the low light. Light a flame and rekindle those warm fuzzies as you feed each other din-dins and talk the night away. Don’t turn the lights back on once dinner is finished – cleaning up the kitchen by candlelight is far less of a chore!

Watch: Breakfast at Tiffany’s
The Notebook may be the ultimate romance film of our generation, but for a bit of nostalgic old-world romance, Audrey Hepburn is at the top of our list. This 1961 classic will have you going weak at the knees for black dresses and divine jewellery. Therefore it is best watched with those that appreciate it – your girlfriends! Give your man a night out while you and your girls deck out the lounge room with pillows and popcorn.

Massage: Scully’s Wax
There’s no better way to relax those muscles from the shivering wintery cold than with a nice massage… Enter Scully’s Romancing Wax (and your man)! This pot of rose-smelling goodness works double time to relax and also rehydrate winter skin. If you’re big on being fair, strike your man a deal because he probably won’t want a rose massage in return. This pot is all for you! Best taken after a nice hot bubble bath.

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