Wild Rose


‘She was chaos and beauty intertwined. 
A tornado of roses 
From devine’. 
– Shakieb Orgunwall

“My vision for this shoot was to create something wild and poetic but still have the strong feel of romance and elegance. With wrought iron details, movement from the wind, images of broken light and strong shadows, Wild Rose aims to inspire brides with the romance that comes from hues of soft pinks and wild untamed botanics. Behind the gates of the European inspired courtyard the bride and groom are surrounded by pebbled pathways and with stone and ivy covered walls. The delicate colour scheme of blush, soft whites and ethereal tones of flowing silks, hand calligraphy, and unstructured bouquets were pulled into a beautiful love story. The tablescape incorporated moody tones of black and grey against the pinks and whites to create depth and elegance and the Innes gown by Gwendolynne was perfect with its intricate hand beading details and complimented the feel of the shoot beautifully.” – Amanda Hamilton, Peppermint Photography.


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