Jop + Nina: Wild Romance Wedding


Three years before Jop proposed to his beloved, Nina found her dream ring in a jewellery store while travelling in Thailand. She sent Jop a picture of it joking around that if he ever planned to ask her to marry him she would love a ring like this one. He always remembered, and three years later – after a lot of hassle – he arranged for the ring to come from Bangkok to Amsterdam. (So sweet!)

During their relationship, Jop and Nina had a short break, for six months. “During this period we noticed that there really was just one person in the world that we wanted to share the rest of our lives with and that was with each other. We are soulmates, lovers, business partners and best friends. You know that the other person is the one when they love everything about you. They sees your insecurities and flaws as a beautiful thing. And you know your partner is the one when you can forget and forgive when you have made a mistake.” The two got back together when they were on a vacation on the island Ibiza. Jop decided to surprise Nina when she was there some years later with her best friends. He drove her to the magic rock Es Vedra and when the sun went down he got on his knees and proposed with the (long sought-after) ring!

Their wedding was a hit, with the two going for a theme of Wild Romance. “We love the saying: you keep me wild, I keep you safe.” Nina keeps Jop safe and he keeps her wild, and that’s why they chose this theme. “We didn’t want something too outspoken; rather something that people could use their own interpretation on it.”

A magical moment for the two on their day was when suddenly two wild deers showed up in the garden trespassing. “We felt as if it was a small greeting from Jop’s brother and Nina’s father who both sadly passed away and couldn’t be there on this special day. In a way it felt as if they wanted to let us know they were there in the end!”

We think this is a gorgeous love story, and well worth a scroll down to see the beautiful pics below, thanks to Alice Mahran.


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