Wild Hearts Wedding Fair 2016


A family of cake-makers, photo-takers, stylists, designers, florists and artists met in a charming little barn on the shores of Nelson’s Monaco, New Zealand. With the sound of rain on the iron roof, and an outlook to the sea, friends and colleagues converged to enjoy a grazing table of fine local cheeses, freshly baked breads and rustic summer cocktails. Each guest was gifted with a delicately strung flower crown upon arrival, and around the table, among an array of beautifully laid leaves, blooms, foliage and flickering candlelight, they dined, laughed and shared experiences in celebration of the busy summer season of love.

Hosted by the team at Wild Hearts who are set to inspire the hearts of others around NZ and Australia with a boutique Wedding Fair in March at Mahana Estates – New Zealand.


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