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Wild Hearts “Dear Indie”


Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs consists of a forward-thinking, passionate bunch of creatives dedicated to putting their little country on the map in a quickly expanding wedding industry. With so many utterly breathtaking locations, experiences and talented vendors at their fingertips, they decided to craft an experience that would truly showcase the spectacular destination they have to offer.

Their first event for 2016 will be set in the exclusive Mahana Estates on Saturday March 26th, supported by us here at White magazine. Upon discovering the spectacular Mahana Estates as the perfect venue, they thought what better location to shoot their darling Wild Hearts couple.

Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs tell a wildly romantic love story about two free-spirited and adventurous souls on their journey towards married life, using a mix of modern bohemian inspired colours, tribal prints, organic plant dyed silk ribbons and stationery.

PART 1: “Dear Indie”
From the window of the awe-inspiring Mahana Villa, Indie looks out upon the vineyard drenched in warm morning light, and the mountains that look as though they have been delicately painted into the sky. She thinks of him and smiles. Her heart has never been so full.

She turns to her bridesmaids and embraces each of them, a hug that will tell them without words how much they mean to her. They sit together and chat about the years gone by, laughing, reminiscing and preparing for what is to be the best day of Indie’s life.

Dear Indie Pt. 1 from Luke Marshall Images on Vimeo.


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