Wild Hearts “Dear Indie: Part Two”


Wild Hearts has graced us with the second installment of their Dear Indie series. Designed for the wild at heart, the free-spirited, barefoot, gypsy soul bride, this styled session is inspired by a wildly romantic handwritten letter from the man she was about to spend forever with:

“Indie, An evening spent waltzing with the fondest memories of you, and my heart is full.
That night by the lake, as you moved so effortlessly to the beat of your own drum,
I was breathless.
Dancing under a sky full of stars, lost in your moonlit eyes and mesmerized by your heart’s song,
I fell for you so deeply.
Time has passed, and my love for you is strong, unfaltering, resolute.
Your presence strikes me speechless, even still.
Our souls, minds, hearts intertwined.

Yours on this day and always,

My Darling Indie, My Darling Wife.

The scene was set in the vines of Mahana, showcasing a lakeside celebration of love, friendship and wild adventures. Scroll down to discover more of the story, with images by The Love Collective.


Dear Indie Pt. 2 from Luke Marshall Images on Vimeo.


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