Whites + Woods Creative


Whites and Woods Creative is a unique amalgamation of wedding talents that sees the meeting of refined photography with intricate floristry. This new combination of services sprung from the talents of husband-and-wife duo, Hayley and Christian, who started the hybrid business organically after a friend approached them to capture their wedding. ‘We never imagined that it would be us working in the wedding industry; once upon a time, the thought would have been absurd to us. But when our very good friends asked us to photograph their wedding, we couldn’t say no. They were very relaxed (the bride didn’t where shoes for most of the day and when she did, she wore red chucks), so it was a great way to test the water. It became apparent that being involved in people’s wedding day was a natural thing for us,’ says Hayley and Christian.

Since starting over a year ago, the pair have seen their crafts grow, allowing them to offer couples more than the standard photography and floral arrangements. ‘Our photography has taken a Fine Art direction. We try and find the balance between creative shots and timeless images. Our strong point is capturing intimacy in a candid and raw way. Our floristry style is different for each wedding, but we love using seasonal blooms, fruit and foliage, to make statement pieces that fit the bride and groom’s personality and wedding day.’

Hayley and Christian draw inspiration from previous generations in their family. Seeing the love that they shared and witnessing their relationships flourish encouraged this duo to nurture the couples that they cater to, guiding them through the process of entering into marriage. ‘Our favourite part of working with couples is being able to see them transition from engagement to marriage. Witnessing the couple make that commitment to one another and being able to give them a physical memory of that day is the most amazing job. I feel like we know everything about our bride’s and groom’s day, from behind the scenes to the special intimate moments. We also only take one wedding per week so we can give each couple our undivided attention.’

See whitesandwoodscreative.com to find out more about this passionate, creative duo.


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