white celebrates 25 editions!


In marriage terms, the 25th ‘Silver’ anniversary is a significant milestone, so we figured 25 editions of a wedding magazine is cause for celebration too! We’re so thankful to all of our amazing friends who have contributed to white’s journey so far. Their help has been invaluable over the past eight years, and we wanted to bring them all together with a joyful gathering as a way to show our gratitude.

The whole process of arranging this shindig was a bit like planning a wedding; we needed a stylist, florist, catering, the whole kit and caboodle. It was a nice refresher to be on the other side of the fence once again, a reminder of what it’s like to be in every bride-to-be’s shoes! My first step was to establish a ‘look’ for the event. It was essential to work this out early on (in two to three weeks mind you) so everyone could be on the same page with what we wanted to achieve. Pinterest was a brilliant place to keep all of our ideas and share them with the appropriate vendors.

We made the most progress with planning the event when we saw the venue. Our chosen stylist Jess (The Wedding Designer) and florist Kamisha (Little Wren Flowers) walked through the space with us and helped shape some of the ideas … thank goodness for experts!

Choosing the rest of the vendors to help create the night was pretty easy. We knew who we loved and who we could work with to achieve our vision for the event. Once they were all onboard, we had to source some local and seasonal produce when it came to the food. Jacqui from Sprout Catering was incredible and helped guide us with her vast knowledge.

It all culminated into a picture perfect night at Hunter Design School, with special thanks to Ben Adams for capturing the highlights of the party. And this week on the blog we are recognising all of the wonderful vendors who contributed to our celebration. Enjoy!


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