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What isn’t being said enough about wedding photography – Guest Blog


Before you become a “wedding photographer” you are just a photographer. The funny thing is, by some chance of fate or perspective, I never felt I arrived in the “wedding industry”. I was just outside of it, meeting all the lovely clients, venues, vendors and people that really make my profession a splendid thing to do.

I was surprised to find when I entered my niche that very few wedding photographers completely enjoyed their job. I spoke to professional after professional that was overworked and overstressed.

I think the main reason I’ve never, in my ten years of shooting, experienced this level of stress is because of why I personally started shooting weddings.

As I said before, before you become a wedding photographer you are just a photographer. A photographer is considered a visual artist in the art world. The literal origin for the word photography becomes “painting with light”. If you ask most visual artists what they are trying to do with their art, they will tell you they are trying to say something. They are trying to communicate an idea, this makes sense, the best art makes us feel something.

Because of this, I decided to take a different approach with my wedding photography. I looked at what was around me and decided that after seeing billboard after billboard, ad campaign after ad campaign, lipstick packages and films filling the world with sex, drugs and rock n roll, I felt the need to balance out the ratio.

My own values and my own sense of feeling alone in a world that prized sex over love, exposure over values; my need to spread what I thought the world needed more of is what got me here. It’s not what I wanted to say, it’s what wasn’t being said enough.

So here I am. Photographing genuinely beautiful people who love each other, who have said to heck with “maybe it won’t work out” and every other form of self doubt that bubbles up when we know we want to do something bigger than ourselves. I get to dedicate to print and file these remarkable people with remarkable hearts. I get to throw them out into the stratosphere and proclaim that this too is important. This too is worth seeing. This is everything everyone wants.

I’m not a famous person, I don’t foresee winning an award for photography, but this pursuit is something I feel confident in committing my life to. Not because of what I want to say, but because of what isn’t being said enough.


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