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Weddings at Tiffany's: Hinterland luxury


Ok, so we’re all familiar with the whole Audrey Hepburn shabang right? Well, the Tiffany’s we’ve got for you today is heads above any luxury haunt Holly Golightly pretends to belong to. Weddings at Tiffany’s is  a prime wedding venue that offers unmatchable views on your big day. It’s nestled in the majestic surrounds of Maleny, QLD where the Sunshine Coast’s visible hinterland folds around the establishment like a plush, emerald cardigan. You’ve got the whole kit and kaboodle there: rolling green hills, lush rainforests and majestic mountains. Dare we say it’s actually picture perfect.

Need more reasons to get married there? Ok, well the lovely folks running the place have loads of experience with making every bride’s day unique and made-to-measure (30 years to be exact!). They’ve got a fabulous range of packages to suit your every need too, plus there are manicured gardens, an idyllic wedding chapel, decadent teas and fabulous lunches. They’ll even help you and your guests out with local accommodation. Pretty sweet huh? Head over to their website for more details. Weddings at Tiffany’s is so unique, beautiful and intimate that we’re giving it an unprecedented 11 outta 10!

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