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You know how things always taste better when they’re whipped up by someone who loves you to bits? Well, we’ve always believed it’s because of that extra intangible ingredient–love! Sound cheesy? Don’t care. We love cheese! Anyway, the point is, same goes for non-edible stuff too. The newly released “Made with Love” and “Personalised” Collections by The Wedding Nest just goes to prove it.

Jacqui and Zoe (the delightful virtuosos of style behind this formidable wedding-gift hub) have carefully selected each piece to ensure that couples receive a two-fold treasure: a gift of beauty and of meaning. A lotta love goes into these works, not just in the painstaking ways they are made, but also as a result of the history behind them. Their exquisite range of Mud dinnerware, for example, was first conceived out of a deep connection to the art of pottery, while the fabulous neon crucifixes and portholes by Jai, are inspired by years of sailing to exotic locations. 

Best of all, as part of registering with The Wedding Nest, couples are invited to share their story and any images they’ve gathered of their ideal home decor. The Wedding Nest crew then works with them to collate the perfect registry of both the basics and specific pieces that have personal meaning. Gone are the days of the bog-standard registry. Now there’s choice, and pretty fabulous choice at that. Our advice? Check out The Wedding Nest. You’re bound to find “your place” there!


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