Paige + Josh: Wedding Halfway ’round the world


Paige and Josh did something a little out of the ordinary … taking the term ‘elopement’ to its full meaning. If you needed any more encouragement to how beautiful New Zealand’s scenery is, have a look at these photos. And maybe that’s a good reason why these two up and left, to marry halfway around the globe from home!

For Paige and Josh, the idea of being able to travel to their dream vacation spot, have a beautiful wedding and a honeymoon for less than half the average cost of a traditional wedding, was just too good to pass up. “Even though it was the first time we had really hung out with our photographers, florists, celebrant (and a few friends he brought), it felt like we had known each other for years.”

We asked Paige to share a bit about what advice she’s give to future couples getting married. “Do get some pre-marital counselling from a trusted pastor or counselor to iron out any questions the two of you may have about your future goals, plans and challenges you may face. Getting married is a huge transition not only for yourself, but for your friends and families as well! So much change combined with the stress of planning can definitely be overloading—especially if you’re highly sensitive! Be sure to take plenty of time for yourself for meditation, prayer and journaling. I feel like this is a huge aspect that is left out of modern wedding media.”

As for when she really believed her hubby became “the one”, Paige also shares some beautiful things about her relationship with Josh. “I don’t believe in ‘the one’ if we are talking in the sense that there is only one person out there whom you could have a loving healthy marriage with. Josh was my one in the sense that I chose him to be! He is the most self-less person that I know. His love for me was awe-inspiring from very early on, and it helped me to understand how big God’s love for me must be. We are one of those annoying couples that has a ton in common, the same love language, and the same personality type (except he’s an introvert). People have concerns about your relationship getting boring when you’re so similar, but they could not be more wrong … Being married to your best friend in the whole world is so much fun! I highly recommend it.”

As for the wedding day: “Do what is best for the two of you!!! Love conquers all.”


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