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Looking for a wedding photographer that captures genuine emotions and stories? We sat down with Evan and Clair from Wedding Gallery Studio and heard a genuine passion for capturing couples’ unique love story through intimate, spontaneous and candid images.

As a husband and wife team, Evan and Clair are the ultimate power couple – Evan captures the moments, and Clair takes care of the fine details, assisting and helping the bride and groom through the (beautiful) chaos of a wedding day!

We asked a specific question that Bride’s and Groom’s often ask, and this is usually how they ask it: “So, how are you going to capture our day?”

Evan said, “This is what I got asked by couples all the time when they firstly meet me. Unfortunately I have to tell them that there is no standard answer for this question! My inspirations always come from the chemistry between me and the couple, and though I have my unique style reflected on my images but how I got to capture those images on the wedding day would be different for each couple. I generally set my way through observing every little detail on the day such as the location, the atmosphere, the weather, and of course emotions of the bride and groom together with their guests.

Clients are often surprised that on their big day they could be quite comfortable and natural in front of me with my camera, and that is all thanks to the connection and friendship Clair and I build with all our clients throughout the way!

We are always there (literally we would get back to clients’ email at 11pm at night) for our clients from the day they approach us till they pick up their album. Our clients don’t think we are only ‘another vendor they have to deal with,‘ but more often we are guests they invite to their big celebration of their marriage… with a professional camera on hand.”

See a glimpse into the gorgeous, emotion-packed images below, but we’re dying over all their gorgeous weddings. Head to their website to see more of their portfolio, and give them a follow on Instagram for daily beauty!


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