Diana and Sean’s Aramaic Swedish Wedding


Diana + Sean said their ‘I do’s’ at a gorgeous cathedral set in Stockholm, Sweden. Full of splendor, intricate detail, and Aramaic influences, this wedding is fit for royalty. Keep reading to find out all about this sweet couple and experience the magic of their day, captured beautifully by Happy Together Films and The Framers.


Tell us about your proposal. Diana spent months planning Sean’s 30th birthday, which was a surprise party including both their families and all friends. During these months, Sean had figured out that Diana was planning a surprise party through one of his friends. Sean was wearing a white shirt and black suit and I wore a black dress. After dinner, Sean stood up and thanked everyone for attending and celebrating his birthday. What started off as a quick speech turned into a longer speech and I glanced around the room and noticed our friends had begun recording us. When I looked back at Sean, he had got down on one knee and I felt a rush of happiness and butterflies in my stomach. He had arranged for his friend to simultaneously drop a big banner with the words “Diana, will you marry me?”. ‘til this day, I feel those butterflies in my stomach just thinking about his proposal. Nobody in the room except his one friend knew that he had planned to propose this evening so everyone was completely surprised and cried tears of joy!

How did you know your partner was the one? Sean: “I knew she was the one because she was smart, attractive and had a sense of humor. She challenges my intellect and keeps me on my feet :) “

Diana: “I knew he was the one because he was kind, fun, handsome, caring and had the loveliest smile ever. His warm and gentle way of caring for me reassures me that I can face any challange that comes my way, as long as I have my Seany by my side”

Both: “Together we make a dynamic duo who completes each other perfectly.”

What do you love most about your partner? Her sense of humor and nurturing side.

His sense of humor, his smile and most of all his way of making me feel safe and loved.

What was your favorite part of the wedding day? We love everything about this fantastic day! So many moments in memory. But there are more special moments than others:

For both of us was our favorite part when saying our vows and I-do’s and danced our way out of church.

Sean “The favourite part of the wedding was hearing the words “I do” and then turning around and seeing our family and friends for the first time as husband and wife.”

Diana “Saying our vow’s when looking into each other’s eyes was a fantastic feeling, it felt like I had run a race, I was back with those butterfly feelings in my stomach I felt when we first met. I could feel my heart beat really fast and hard. Looking into Seans eyes, knowing this is my man, my beautiful husband, nothing compares to that feeling.”

Describe your wedding theme/style. Our wedding theme was to bring a feeling of happiness and feeling free. We decided to use colors such as white, light green and a mix of old pink/peach pink. Most of the flowers and decorations at the reception were white because it represents a sense of pureness. By pureness we mean a new start beginning as a married couple.

We also chose specific songs to highlight special moments during our wedding day. In church, Cilla Hector played Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t help falling in love” on the organ. Just listening to this song make my (Diana) eyes tear up and the butterflies in my stomach are right back… that feeling of nervousness, happiness and that “at last”-feeling returns.

My older sister surprised us by hiring a singer named Rebecka Ljungdahl and she performed ’Kärleksvisan’ during the ceremony. The lyrics were so lovely and soothing. It fitted perfectly in with our theme, the rest of the ceremony and our love for each other.

When we marched out of church, the song ‘Best of My Love’ by Emotions played. This song filled the church with happiness, good fortune and freedom. It was such a lovey feeling dancing our way out of church to this song because it really illustrated our feelings through the rhythm and lyrics- it made everyone smile, applaud and dance in celebration with us.

When we entered the reception, arameic music was played. This was such an uplifting moment where we received a grand welcome to from our guests as a married couple. This really got the party going!

We chose a special song for our first dance- it was ‘Always Be My Baby’ by Mariah Carey. The song was played by a lovely harpist named Miriam Klein Strandberg. She captured the essences of the song in lovely notes which made it truly mesmerising. We felt like we were dancing on clouds as husband and wife. Following this song, she continued to play ‘We Belong Together’ and ‘Without You’ also by Mariah Carey. Miriam is so talented and really played from her heart. We chose these songs as Diana is a big Mariah Carey fan and always loved the lyrics and the love that she sings about. 

When it was time to cut the cake and indulge in the delicious cupcakes, we chose ‘Happy People’ by R. Kelly. The melody of this song is calm yet makes people dance and feel the happiness in the room. The song was also a great way to get the soul train started, displaying all our goofy and fun dances with our guests.

I wanted to incorporate a symbol or logo for the wedding, so I sketched an eternity symbol with our names, a peony and two butterflies. The meaning behind it was: God’s blessed love throughout life, until death. The peony signified: “I bow to your feet and promise thee love and eternal faithfulness”. The butterflies: Together we are free and happy. This symbol/logo was printed by randigalisa and the final product was amazing. We had this logo put on the guestbook, wooden signage, table number etc.

What is marriage to you? Marriage is about caring for one another and being aware about each others differences. Respecting each others strengths and weaknesses. Marriage is about unconditional trust and love. Marriage is about unique love that is special between a couple. Marriage is about nurturing and spreading love, which we now have done as we are expecting a baby!



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