The Wedding Designer: Brimming with treasures


In the heart of Newcastle’s Wickham stands a brimming treasure trove comparable to an exquisite, inner-city Aladdin’s cave; a pioneering wedding-hire wonderland thoughtfully packed with tiers of delectable wares that spool across a vast and open 600m2 floor. Velvet chairs, tea chests, wooden stuffs carved with delicate care. It’s The Wedding Designer‘s place, and all those looking for a diverse and unique range of eclectic wares to hire is welcome. These lovely ladies understand that not everyone has all the time in the world for treasure hunting, so are happy to lend a helping hand to discover the goodies you’re after to create your perfect event. Trust us they really truly have got you covered with an industrial designer, photographer, floral designer, interior designer and even graphic design is covered! These styling gurus will make your life and wedding planning that little bit easier. Jess, Emma, Jenna and team really do all the hard work so you don’t have to. Wedding rapture exists at The Wedding Designer’s one-stop glorious shop.

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