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Wearable art with meaning and beauty – Amalthea Diamonds


Amalthea Diamonds is so much more than meets the eye – they offer something even more personal and meaningful than a piece of jewelry. They asked themselves the question, ‘What if we could create something as unique and as powerful as their love story?” Now, Amalthea designs bespoke pieces with her clients that hold the true beauty, meaning and sentiment behind the reason it was created.

Amalthea Diamonds offer superior hand mixed precious metals, expertly handcrafted pieces of jewellery and incomparable quality GIA certified diamonds and precious stones, but when we sat down with the founder + owner Rebecca we wanted to hear the heart behind her business (and we were moved to TEARS).


Being in the jewellery business for almost 20 years has allowed me to see the industry from many different aspects and truly discover who I want to be and how I want to contribute.

In my early years as a sales assistant I found my greatest happiness was seeing the thrill and excitement behind the reason that each client had for choosing and buying a piece of jewellery. Eventually finding a piece they were happy with, they made their purchase and off they went…. but I always felt it could be more personal and meaningful.

What if people didn’t just have to find a piece they were happy with? What if we could create something as unique and as powerful as them? I wanted to DESIGN pieces with my clients that held the true beauty, meaning and sentiment behind the reason it was created.

I knew I wanted to create magical pieces that captured the love my clients shared. I wanted to create an experience for my clients that is nothing short of exceptional. Amalthea Diamonds is the end result of this need for the extraordinary.

Today, people are now wanting a more meaningful pieces to give their loved ones in that special moment. A piece that says…. here is a little piece of me, just for you to keep, I love you, Will you be with me forever?

There’s nothing more romantic than receiving an engagement ring where the one you love has taken the time to design and create something so special just for you. It shows they care, it shows they think of you, its shows their love for you.

What are you offering that is different from the rest?

When it comes to design, there are no limits. I design pieces with my clients that hold the true beauty, meaning and sentiment behind the reason it was created. A wearable piece of meaningful art that you will love and treasure always and will one day be adorned by your loving children or grandchildren.

What do you love about your job? 

There is nothing better than telling a story through design. Beyond that, I love finding out the ‘moment’ they decided to marry the person they loved, the moment that lead them here to me to design a ring for them. This is a huge moment in this persons life that will change them forever – a moment not many people see, hear about or have even giving a second thought to. Sometimes that moment has happened a long time before they see me, sometimes it happened that morning and this moment I think is one of the most romantic in the whole journey. Then when he sees the ring for the first time and the reality of what he is about to do becomes real for the very first time since the 1st moment. The excitement, joy and utter happiness that follows is incredible!

What does marriage mean to you?

To me marriage means love, support, acceptance, compromise, individuality, togetherness, happiness both personal and shared. Marriage does not mean you will always agree, see eye to eye or never have an argument. It means despite the bad days and the days where you really don’t like each other you still can’t see yourself without that person. It means having the knowledge that you can be happy and ‘do’ life successfully on your own but you WANT to ‘do’ life with them.


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