Vows At Dusk – Boho Inspiration


This is a macrame dream! When we saw Ivy Christina’s gorgeous styled shoot ‘Vows At Dusk,’ we were allured by the allure of it all. The lips, the lighting, the way the focus is on the colors and textures of the florals. Stripped back, it’s a stunning display of the way details can pull a wedding together. We hope this inspires you as much as it did us!

Fringe and Macrame have become a true staple to the modern day bride. Instead of going for a simple macrame backdrop, Ivy and her team wanted to pull together something more unique. The White Room were led into this enchanting fringe veil and a softer, yet tighter fitted gown (with detailed fringe-stitching accents!).

The fringed veil brought everything together and dared to push the comfort zone of traditional boho (if there is such a thing?). Completed with saturated summer tones, 1930s inspired beauty, and delicate details, this shoot is a boho dream!!


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