Vintage Designs in Tuscany


Chic Weddings Italy styled this namely chic shoot which occurred on the beautiful property Conti di San Bonifacio in Tuscany, while Figtree Wedding Photography captured all the beautiful details. Considering that this property has acted as the background scenario of several weddings, they wanted the setup to be authentic and trendy, showing the beauty of this private owned property but most of all providing something different and inspiring. Taking inspiration from the privately owned property, stylist Eva imagined the story of the daughter of the owner preparing and having fun in her home, before the wedding.

“We wanted to liaise a connection between the Hamptons and the Italian Maremma, using white green and brown colours adding elements which could connect both areas such as a beautiful horse and the use of the linens belonging to the noble family for the details for the table setting. We took inspirations from the surroundings in Tuscany where you can find often many sheep, using sheep skins as table covers and chair’s covers; the additional elements such as the private owned cutlery, embroidered coat of arms in linen napkins, and additional elements were used in order to give the sense of a “noble” family celebrating the wedding of the young daughter.”

The model translated two vintage looks brilliantly; one standing by the pool enjoying her magazines, and the other one in a vintage tennis outfit as she was enjoying time with her husband-to-be.

Addition of the elegant elements such as a black dress and a black horse and the table decor all worked to link the two feels of the daughter’s activities in the day’s shoot. See it for yourself:


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