Vendor feature: The Pop-Up Wedding Co


Brittany Snow, the authority behind the first Australian Pop-Up Wedding Co, believes in writing your own rules, and can’t wait to share the ins and outs of this new and cool wedding trend with couples worldwide. Describing these weddings as a ‘fancy elopement’, Brittany believes that couples should not be weighed down by the burden of planning their wedding for hundreds of guests, and designed the Pop-Up wedding idea based on believing that there’s a different way for people to celebrate marriage. Because  ‘Pop-up’ couples are desperately in love and usually they’re already well on their way to creating a life together.

The personal ceremonies go for about an hour with up to twenty guests, being uniquely styled and everything is a surprise, delight and freshly delivered concept. Brittany promises that couples will take away plenty of happy memories with zero stress, lots of laughs, and of course, a marriage “plus some hot photos of their special day!” Get a hint of what might be perfect for an up and coming wedding for you or someone you know by loving up on these images of Simon and Mia by Paul Bamford below!


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