Vendor Feature: Paul Bamford


Growing up in the studio of his photographer father, it took a while and a number of design, advertising and creative positions for Paul Bamford to realise that taking the photos was what he wanted to do. The feeling of being behind the lens at a wedding – the spontaneity and pressure, mixed with perfectly chosen details and two people that are crazy in love, he says, is all really fun.

Paul’s style, he humbly notes, is primarily documentary, though he lends his skills to other styles of photography quite well. For him, it is important to ‘keep it simple, and not force moments to happen.’ His particular affinity with wedding photography is due to his realisation that no longer are weddings ‘stuffy, stiff events – they are huge, awesome parties.’ Paul loves that he becomes part of the family and part of their amazing day. ‘Photos of pretty flowers and place settings are nice, but photos of the groom tearing up or Grandma on the dance floor are the best!’ We couldn’t agree more.


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