Vendor feature: Lemon Tree Film House


It’s often the way that the genesis of great things can be found in the small and seemingly insignificant. In Shaun and TJ’s case, the rudiments of what is now Lemon Tree Film House began as a chance meeting at a bar in Spain. He was a bartender. She needed a tequila. There was nothing profound about his gesture: a wedge of lemon and a bag of chips handed across the bar to accompany her shot. TJ found the bag of chips memorable as a stand-in for a non-existent salt shaker, but the yet undisclosed ploy of fortune was in the lemon. That night was the only night in six months a lemon had been available at the bar. Shaun had plucked it from his lemon tree before making the short trip to work. He had never harvested one before and had no reason to do so then. But later, TJ walked in and gave meaning to this seemingly inconsequential act. It was the beginning of something enduring, the extent of which neither of them could predict.

Just as the curious make good inventors and dreamers good storytellers, lovers make good diviners of the heart’s unruly conduct; in TJ and Shaun’s case, great immortalisers of it too. Their carefully-edited rendition of what they capture behind the lens is exceptionally compelling and achingly nostalgic. Hardly a dry eye remains when the footage draws to a close, having showcased in its entirety the candid expressions of ardent devotion even the keenest of us habitually miss.
‘Our focus, above all else, is to tell each couple’s unique story faithfully, so we never set shots up so to speak,’ says TJ. ‘From what we hear, that is rare with cinematographers and is probably one of the reasons photographers recommend us so often too; we’re super easy to work alongside as we don’t waste time staging anything. We want every couple to watch their film back and barely notice the technical elements of what we’ve done because they’re so engrossed in reliving their day, wondering what they were laughing at one moment and in tears of happiness about the next.’

Scroll down to see some of their amazing work.

Chris + Tas {Wedding Highlights} from Lemon Tree Film House on Vimeo.


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