Unwavering Love, Unending Joy: Keira + Sam


One week after Keira’s birthday, and one night before their two-year anniversary, Sam planned an elaborate surprise rooftop “anniversary” dinner. As the sun went down over a beautiful city skyline on a perfect twenty-five degree day, Sam cooked dinner and the two enjoyed a meal followed by Keira’s favourite dessert.

As they relaxed to look up at the stars in the clearest of night skies, Sam had a ‘gift’. So Keira closed her eyes as he grabbed the gift and as she opened them again, it was a dress. Just as they are about to sit back down Sam mentioned he had one more gift, and after the last one Keira definitely didn’t expect a proposal. She closed her eyes, only to open them to Sam down on one knee proceeding to say the words “Keiralee Sarapik, will you marry me?”. Shocked with overwhelming happiness, she gave an immediate “yes!”. There were apartments across the street; in one was a group of people eagerly peering through the window waiting to see what the outcome would be, the couple turned around and gave them the thumbs up only to have the strangers woo-ing, cheering and dancing in celebration of the two.

But the surprises don’t end there! As Keira went to go downstairs, all of their closest friends started walking up the stairs, all dressed up with drinks and food and ready to celebrate. Although there were suspicions, no one was sure if he was proposing as he told them it was a ‘surprise birthday party’, so to their surprise the couple announced their (very) recent engagement, and their friends were both incredibly shocked and excited! The night went on and they celebrated and partied with all of their closest friends. With his amazing, stealthy (and admittedly unexpected) planning skills, along with good music, good food and an amazing group of people, Sam orchestrated a truly unforgettable night that marked what will be a truly incredible future.

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Describe yourself as a couple.

Keira: Goofy and weird, but to each other, so incredibly normal. We’re best friends, and probably roast each other as much as we show affection. But like any young love, we have so much fun, so much to learn and so much to look forward to, and I wouldn’t want to share this crazy rollercoaster of a journey with anyone else and wouldn’t have our story play out any other way.

Sam: A friend of ours told us a few months into marriage that she thought we suited being married far more than simply dating, and I wholeheartedly agree. I think it’s because we’re two people who love to always search for more. We’re both fairly adventurous, curious people, so the greatest adventure imaginable, is spending a lifetime uncovering all of the quirks, the nuances, and the gold hidden away in each other.  We regularly poke fun, tease, laugh, and encourage each other, and whilst they might sound like contradicting actions, it’s remembering not to take anything too seriously that makes our marriage awesome. Circumstances will always come and go, but being able to stand firm, knowing that no matter what, they will have your back, that’s the basis of intimacy and joy.

Dear Lover, 

Keira: “Darling Sam, I pray for our marriage to always reflect the ultimate love we’ve been given, one that is unconditional and unwavering, fierce and constantly pursuing. Through our marriage, I hope that rather than fleeting happiness, that we will seek pure joy with one another, knowing that what we hold is so much more precious than anything else in this world. With you, I will watch the walls of hardship crumble as we continue to walk around them hand in hand. I choose to love you, to know you and to keep my eyes not on the things around us, but on the steadfast love that has already overcome all that we will ever face.”

Sam: To my darling Keira,

My heart for our marriage, our relationship, is to never allow a day to pass by, without discovering something new that I love about you. Women are complex beings, it’s true, so I’ve got a lifetime of mysteries to unlock, and I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather do that with. You are special and unique, fearfully and wonderfully made, and my hope is that our marriage will be a reflection of the love that first loved us. That no matter what life throws at us, we’ll find the time every day to invest into that, and find joy in the little things.

Much like the old couple we saw at Goldbergs, by the time we’re wrinkly and grey, I hope that we’ve built a relationship that models love and selfless abandon to those around us, and we remember to take the time to enjoy the fun in life.

Everyone who knows you will agree that you’re enthusiasm for all things cute and cuddly highlights the incredible, childlike joy that you carry, and the way that you open your heart to so many people. I’ll never forget the first time I travelled to India with you, and seeing your heart break for the lost and the broken, showed me that I chose a wife who is full of compassion, humility, grace, love, and kindness.

Even though I’ll fall short, and I’ll let you down, I pray that the fire never goes out, that we’ll run towards a common goal with everything we have, and I know that you’ll always be there to show the unconditional love that brought us together.

K bye, Sam”

Keiralee & Sam from Volcano Sunday on Vimeo.


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