two guinea pigs and one ruby slipper


Shiver our timbers we love this visual diary by Two Guinea Pigs Photography. Why it makes us speak like sea-faring miscreants we don’t really know, but one thing is certain, it’s one of the coolest blog posts we’ve ever had the privilege of putting up. JK Blackwell (Julianna to her friends) has portrayed florist Antonia Georges in a manner so pure you can almost see the stills coming to life.

Antonia’s Monday kicks off at 4am—well before most creatures stir—when she makes her way to Sydney’s flower markets. There, she patiently handpicks a variety of blooms and takes them back to her business and workshop, Ruby Slipper, in Paddington.  Her floral arrangements, exquisite and elaborate, are made for classy CBD lobbies. But by 8am her deliveries are done and as the world finally begins to stir, she returns home to sleep. 


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