Trent + Jessie


Amidst the hoard of festival-goers donning the latest hipster fashion and swaying melodically to the beats that blared from the speakers, Trent waded through the crowds, searching for his photographic muse – the perfect shot to culminate the festivities and energy of the day. It was there that he chanced upon Jessie, a fresh-faced young woman embracing the sights and sounds, posing with her cousin for a standard “selfie”. She glanced back at him, unbeknownst to her that she was looking at her future. A few social media tags later, the pair eventually met through mutual friends, and what began as a chance encounter soon blossomed into a beautiful relationship, and a thriving photography business ensued. Trent and Jessie are a dynamic wedding photography duo with a thirst for adventure. ‘We love to travel! Whether that’s overseas or throughout Australia. Mountains, forests, oceans and everything in between – we want to see and experience it all. We love being outside and exploring new places, this is something that really helps us recharge and feel inspired. Also, getting to meet new people, make new friends and hear their stories is another thing we love about travelling.’ Their easy-going and quiet nature makes them a calming and relaxed presence for your wedding. ‘We’re adventurers at heart and love to explore the outdoors, however we’re also partial to fresh cups of coffee and snuggles on the couch. Sometimes we like to think we’re a bit “hipster”, but we’re actually total dorks.’ They are two creative souls, with similar passions and gifts, committed to walking life’s journey together, to uplift and encourage each other and see their dreams realised. Being lovers of adventure, light and love, they wanted to pursue a venture they could put their whole hearts into, and that covered those areas they were so fond of. ‘Photographing weddings is continually taking us to some of the most uniquely beautiful places, challenging us to see light everywhere and allowing us to witness and capture some of the sweetest declarations of love between two people. This is why we do what we do.’ Trent and Jessie love creating emotive and romantic imagery, capturing the beauty in each moment. They take a documentary approach, keeping things natural and true so that each couple’s story can be told as honestly and beautifully as it deserves. ‘Everyone sees the world differently. The way we witness moments is unique to us. We cherish those precious, unrepeatable instances in life, whether it’s quality time with loved ones or watching the ever-changing colours on the horizon as the sun slips away, we place value on every moment. This is what we bring into our business and work life. This is what we give our couples and those who believe in what we do.’ The pair become immersed in the wedding day, documenting the most significant and emotionally-charged moments. ‘We get to photograph people in love, capture their truest selves in their most honest moments on the day they commit to loving one another for the rest of their days.’ Getting invited into the lives of others is such a privilege for Trent and Jessie, who envision themselves capturing unique love stories for years to come.


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