Kristy + Gavin: it's a beautiful day

Kristy + Gavin: it's a beautiful day


It was just that sort of day really–moody and expectant of something fantastic to happen. Kristy and Gavin’s wedding didn’t disappoint–an outworking of love and adoration set in the tranquility of Mindaribba House, Paterson, NSW. Open fields, swaddling clouds, trees as far as the eye can see, the perfect stage for Kristy and Gavin to willingly, inseparably become one. In a Grace Loves Lace gown with falls of sheer fabric, Kristy looked like a flawless, ethereal beauty. Gavin cried, no doubt the guests did too and for good reason. In the instant they both said I do, something wonderful took place, a pledge of love before those they adored, forever to be nurtured, always to be upheld. And in true Tim Coulson style, every sublime moment was expertly captured: the tenderness, the laughter, the sheer intensity of two hearts that beat as one. 

Carly Tia


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