Tillee Music: Acoustic Duos Everyone Will Remember Long After Your Day


If you haven’t heard of Tillee Music, you are in for a musical treat. Tillee Music specialises in live acoustic entertainment (perfect for weddings + special occasions) and their talent is downright remarkable. There are several different duos to choose from, all with silky voices and beautiful acoustics, and we can’t get enough! Music has so much power in making a day a memorable one, and we’ve loved seeing more and more brides incorporate live music into their day. We recently had the privilege of chatting with the founder of Tillee Music on what they’re all about and we’re sharing it for you here:


1. What was your inspiration for the business? How did you go about starting up? 

“The business began 9 years ago, and just started off as a hobby. I just loved singing, so I decided to put myself out there for weddings and events and it took off! As my bookings grew, I started to realise that myself and my guitarist Bob, couldn’t accomodate all the enquiries we had coming in, so I decided to expand and add other Artists that I felt had the same unique sound and style that I hoped people would want to consider booking. I always say I’m so lucky that it’s remained something where I can say that I genuinely I love what I do.”

2. What kind of bride are you trying to reach? 

“All of them haha! We find the couples that tend to book us are after a more unique sound and style, and are wanting something a bit more alternate or niche. One of our biggest priorities has always been to not only have talented musicians on board, but also have a huge emphasis on customer service. We want to be known as a business who are there to help along the way, and be a part of the exciting process that is planning a wedding!”

3. What do you love about your job? 

“I love everything! I’m so proud of the business and the artists we have as part of the fam. But have to say, I absolutely love getting to a wedding having gotten to know the couple along the way and being able to celebrate their love and contribute to their memories! There’s really nothing I don’t love about the job.”

4. What does your marriage mean to you? 

“Marriage is the most unreal journey! It’s the biggest commitment in life and when you find ‘the one’ it’s like spending every day with your most favourite human in the world. Like anything, it definitely has its ups and downs, but when you’ve got your rock standing beside you, nothing seems impossible and that’s the best, most secure feeling. My husbands still my favourite person in the entire world.”

5. Tell us about your favourite experience as a business owner?

“It’s hard to put it into a single moment, there have been so many wonderful ones along the way. But to this day I still love the feedback we get from our couples or clients after we’ve performed for them, it reminds me why I do what I do.”


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