Tiia + Luke: A Memory To Cherish


It was while wandering through the streets of Cannaregio in Venice, when Luke got on one knee and proposed to his partner Tiia. The romantic trip had signaled the beginning of a new life together – news they eagerly shared with their friends and families online. Upon returning home to celebrate their engagement however, Tiia and Luke received upsetting news that Tiia’s mother had been diagnosed with cancer. The strong couples long journey from proposal to marriage is one that truly moves the heart, and reminds us how important it is to cherish the wonderful milestones with our irreplaceable friends and families.

“I will forever treasure the memories I have of trying on dozens of white wedding dresses with my Mum by my side, sitting with her during chemotherapy treatments discussing flower arrangements with the nurses, and helping her shop online for the perfect mother-of-the-bride dress from her hospital bed. Luke was my absolute rock during the 15 months that we juggled wedding planning and being a support system for Mum. His unwavering steadfastness in doing everything from driving me from work to hospitals, to tackling the wedding budget together made me so grateful to be marrying someone as kind and supportive as him,” shares Tiia.

The month before the wedding, Tiia and her mother planned a small photo shoot at home to ensure there would be some beautiful photos of Tiia in her wedding dress with her parents.

“We were so lucky to have a beautiful afternoon taking photos together, and I am thankful to be able to look back at moments like Mum doing up the buttons on my dress and to know that she was such an integral part of the wedding. Mum passed away just 25 days before our wedding in September. I was so far beyond devastated, it made me seriously consider whether we should continue with the wedding, but we knew that Mum would be furious if we were even to suggest such a thing! As hard as it was to pick ourselves back up and keep moving forward, it was without a doubt the right call. It was heartwarming to see the many ways in which Mum was honoured on the day, from lighting a special candle during the ceremony, to all the beautiful words said about her in the speeches.”


Tiia: “I had envisioned a beautiful enchanted garden theme for our reception. Our stylist She Designs did such an incredible job bringing our ideas to life. They truly went above and beyond for us after they were told of the loss of my beloved Mum and filled the whole marquee with flowers, chandeliers and candles. The room smelled of jasmine and the soft lighting made the place feel just magical.”

Tiia: “We put so much heart and soul into the details of our wedding. I think the most bittersweet detail was when our lovely musician Cairyn Jay dedicated a song to my beautiful Mum. Her favourite movie was always ‘The Sound of Music’, so when Cairyn sang ‘Edelweiss’ after the speeches, I was an absolute mess. It was such a tough day full of emotional highs and lows, but I’m so glad that the song tribute reminded us all of her presence and how much she would have loved to be there with us.”

Tiia: “For me, I felt like we had such a natural connection. I had never been in love before meeting Luke, but it was one of those deep, inexplicable emotions that crept up on me slowly the more time we spent together. Our relationship is so much more than the sum of its parts – there’s truly nothing like the feeling of home I have when I’m with Luke and to know that there is so much trust and loyalty between us.”

Luke: “Because we’ are the same and different in exactly the right ways. We have the same sense of humour, the same attitudes towards work, life, and living, but we have very different spheres of interest that help us to challenge each other. I knew that with Tiia by my side through life I’d never be idle and that we would always grow together.”

Tiia: “I believe marriage is a promise to put your love for that one person before everything else. It means sharing their happiness when they are successful, and shouldering their sadness when tragedy hits. The months before our wedding are undoubtedly the hardest we’ve gone through together, but I never stopped feeling like Luke was my lifeline amongst the chaos. I’m still genuinely awestruck that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend and greatest love, and I’m so looking forward to the adventures the next chapter will bring.”


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