Three sunbeams


When you’ve got the dress and love it to bits but need just one teensy weensy something-or-other to take the whole ensemble to the next level of magnificence, nothing beats Three Sunbeams for ultimate accessories. Three Sunbeams specialise in handmade bespoke pieces which means you can have the colour, size and style your little ticker desires. And with new designs always in the making you are bound to find something that drives you to ecstatic delirium. If it’s a bridal garter you want, a splendorous veil, a fantastic fascinator, sublime silk flowers or a handsome hat they can make it all and just how you like it. Their range is extensive and their work exquisite. Check out some of the beautiful collection below courtesy of the extremely talented James Frost (a genius we’re told and a rather fantastic guy) or follow Three Sunbeams here.



Issue 41 Out Now $15 Free Shipping to Australia