This Wedding Dress will have you speechless.


To us, marriage is about always being a team through whatever life throws at you, it’s laughing and loving each other unconditionally through all your adventures together.

This dress will leave you speechless. Today on the blog is the beautiful Ainsley with her Pallas Couture Gown, captured by Courtney Illfield. This wedding gave us a fresh hit of inspiration as we looked through the elegant garden ceremony and gorgeous golden hour moments!

When Jono decided to propose to Ainsley, they were just about to move to London. He proposed with a laser cut cardboard ring over a picnic, never one to take anything too seriously. After the shock, giggles and kisses, Jono brought out the real ring along with flowers and Champagne he had managed to hide in the car. They had realized it didn’t matter where in the world they ended up as long as they were together.

Their wedding day was a relaxed garden wedding atmosphere with a formal touch, and beautiful small details that reflected their personalities. Their family and friends were involved in a ton of aspects of the day –from the flowers, lighting, entertainment and cinematography. 

Enjoy the gorgeous gown, garden and glamorous details!


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