The Wild Ones


“Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.”
– Osho

We challenged four leading creatives to style a setting that pushed the boundaries of the wedding sphere. Together, they crafted an “industrial meets bohemian” scene, showcasing the best of their talents in a collaborative session that was limited only by their imagination. And here they share what’s wild about their work, and what urges them to break outside of conventions.


The Reedsmith

I am so inspired by the idea of the natural world enveloping or “reclaiming” its place amongst the materialistic world. It is so beautifully romantic to me—the oxymoron of the wild and uncontrolled beauty of God’s creation, growing over and through the work of human hands. I hope to bring this idea to life through my work. I like to think each weave looks as much alive as the couple standing in front of it. I am obsessed with dimensional layers and sculpture so I try to add as much depth as possible.

My list of inspiration is endless; I swear it grows quicker than the weeds in our garden. Fields of flowers and grass, Northern America, old book binding, folk music, traditional folk art. My daughter’s colouring in inspired the layered technique I use in each weave.

I hope my work gives people something wonderful to cherish not only on their big day but also for the rest of their lives. It is wonderful to think of each weave becoming an heirloom piece in that new family, serving as a story to grow with them, “And this was the weave that hung behind your grandfather and I all those years ago in the forest by the lake…”




Jardine Botanic Floral Styling

My passion for horticulture leads me to emulate nature or a garden that has been allowed to ramble out of the neat confines of a planned landscape in my work. I enjoy using unexpected botanical specimens like sweet pea gone to seed, or aquilegia foliage at the end of the season when it turns a beautiful rusted tone. I am a keen gardener living in the Blue Mountains where I’m able to dabble in growing a variety of cold climate plants that serve as a constant source of inspiration. The forms you see in the limb of a tree or arc of a rose can be so incredible.

I love to work with couples that share my aesthetic for wild, natural style arrangements. I relish the opportunity to use particular elements that mean something to the couple. Often I get chatting and find out that a grandma was known for growing beautiful garden roses or gardenias or geranium, so I like to pull those special elements in wherever possible. I know I’m biased, but I think flowers are such an important part of the day; they bring people joy and I love how they brighten an event.




She Designs

The essence of She Designs is that we’re stylists who create on-site. We carefully select our pieces in the lead up to the event but the true magic happens when our team comes together on the day. Sheree or I might have a vision or a wild notion or idea and this is completely fluid until the day we bring the idea to life. We are always creating an entire world for our couples … the “She Designs world”, which is the formation of our wild ideas combined with the work of our incredible team.

To me, there’s nothing more inspiring than the natural environment. I spend my days off exploring rainforests and the bush, discovering waterfalls and finding secret swimming spots. I think it comes back to my Pisces nature; I always feel the most creative after reconnecting in this way.

I never decided to work in the wedding industry, fate brought me here and now I couldn’t imagine not working in this wild, exciting, love-filled industry. Sometimes I have to pinch myself thinking about our work in She Designs. Just recently we were voted in the top 25 stylists in the world, which was a real moment for us and I’m especially proud of Sheree starting this business from the ground up and seeing where we are now.




Caked By Carissa

I love creating wedding cakes that are really personal and unique. No flavour is too crazy; no style is too bold. I adore working with metallics, texture, colour and flowers.

My journey with cakes started after making one for my friends Judy and Paddy’s wedding. It was such a fun and decadent cake, and it really reflected the personality of the bride and groom. The cutting of the cake is such a significant part of a wedding. Few people want to take responsibility for someone’s wedding cake, so I make sure everything is set up, styled perfectly and ready to go. People were so excited by the fact that it didn’t look or taste like a standard wedding cake, and it inspired me to continue baking and designing.

The inspiration behind my cakes is nature, design, art and fashion. Colour and flowers are big influences too. But I find that galleries and design stores mainly spark my creativity. Interior design is really great for developing colour and mood palettes because of the interplay between so many different materials, textures, shapes and colours.

I’m slowly expanding my business, but at the moment I am focused on creating things I’m really proud of and that showcase my design style.


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