The White Files + Cathleen Jia: Love Struck collection


This is the collaboration between The White Files and Cathleen Jia to celebrate the launch of her latest collection, “Love Struck”.

Set in Cathleen’s bridal loft, the collaboration was a celebration of an empowered bride. The final product was a strong, self-assured bride. A woman who doesn’t let trends or the opinions of others dictate her style. This rings true to the ethos of Cathleen’s latest collection which celebrates love for what it is – an emotion between two souls, unrestricted by societal, religious or cultural expectations.

The aesthetics of the shoot is the perfect fusion of the two styles of Cathleen and The White Files – it’s modern meets vintage. The gorgeous lace on the gowns contrast perfectly with the concrete warehouse setting.


Issue 41 Out Now $15 Free Shipping to Australia