Made With Love Bridal: The Rustic Bride of Yesteryear


As anyone who has ever seen a bridal gown in their lifetime would know, there are oh so many ingredients that go into crafting that perfect dream dress. An abundance of inspiration, a large helping of creativity and uniqueness and endless hours of pattern making, cutting and sewing are just a few worthy of a mention. But the ingredient that needs to be held high above all others is, of course, that crazy little thing called love. Made With Love Bridal certainly know a thing or two about the importance of injecting a whole lotta lovin’ into their unique creations and lucky for us, we can witness their handiwork first hand in their recent shoot featuring their latest range of bridal beauties. The inspiration for this one came from the rustic brides of yesteryear. She might wish to be barefoot under her dress, or work that earthy candlelit barn reception into the aesthetics into her big day. We absolutely adore how these earthy hues and the juxtaposition of white lace against a raw forest backdrop really breathe life into these stunning, versatile gowns!


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