The Romantics



These four vendors are filled with a passion that enriches not only their lives, but also the lives of the couples they work with. Combining their individual talents, they collaborated on a shoot full of creativity, energy and true dedication. We also asked them to provide an insight into each of their processes and the burning passions that drive them to continue on their creative journey.

The Gray Girls

I’m passionate when there’s purpose. There has to be an essence to what you do, a reason to create. For me, it’s to pave a way for women to feel beautiful—it’s why I am driven to create within this industry. The driving force that keeps me creating becomes like a silent voice over the project. Nothing beats the feeling when I look at the preview screen on my photographer’s camera and all I can say is, “This is beautiful.” When “beautiful” becomes the only word I can use to describe what the team has created, I become an excited little kid. I get this feeling like we’re creating something bigger than ourselves collaboratively. My earliest creative memory was at the age of four. My mother, one of the most creative ladies I know, taught me to sew. I still remember the feeling of excitement in creating something (it was a small purse). That feeling hasn’t left me; I get the same butterflies now when I finish a project. I love what I do, and I want that to filter into every aspect of whatever I am creating. That in itself, I believe, takes the pressure off the client. When someone is passionate there is ultimately trust in their work. I thrive on creating something beautiful and unique for each individual I work with.


Hair + Makeup Artist

I love using makeup to enhance someone’s natural beauty. I don’t think it’s for covering up, or for making someone look far from their natural self. On her wedding day, a bride should look like herself, just at her very best, so that’s where I come in. I can read a bride really well and tell exactly what she wants from me and for her makeup, so it’s one thing she definitely doesn’t have to worry about on her day. Working in the wedding industry wasn’t a decision I made. My passion is for art, creativity and makeup, and when some brides-to-be saw my fashion makeup work, they requested I do their weddings. They were brides who wanted something a little different—not your standard, simple look. They wanted to have their input as well as let me work freely with my own creative flair.

Mikarla Bauer Floral Design

I am a flower fanatic. Always have been. As a kid, I annoyingly snapped the heads off every shrub I walked passed and made little bouquets wrapped in tinfoil as gifts. That never changed, I guess. I’m drawn to flowers and to nature. I couldn’t not do what I’m doing; it’s just me. Me and the flowers, always. Happy and messy and colourful. I love my job. I’d be hopeless at anything else. After almost ten years working in flower shops, I decided to do my own thing. Wedding flowers just sort of happened naturally. It’s a good fit for my whimsical style, and it’s always challenging. New locations, styles, climate, budget and personalities mean no two days are alike.

Pastry Chef

I grew up cooking, but the idea of creating art through food is what inspired me. I come from a long line of artists. The thought of being able to eat my creations makes it all the more appealing! I’ve been cooking professionally since I was 16, but I guess the wedding industry is something that found me—it kind of goes with the territory of being a pastry chef. I also love a good reason to celebrate, so creating food for people who are there to have a good time gives me joy. My work is tailored for each couple. I listen to their style, taste and ideas, then I create. They know that I will create something unique and a one-off for them. What inspires my work? Fresh, seasonal produce; wild ingredients; nature; surfing … Also being around people who are passionate about what they do, who are authentic and original in life. It inspires me to be the same.


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