Your Relationship

The meaning of joy


Joy is anything and everything we love, and all the spaces in between.

Joy is what we live for even when its missing.

Joy is living, speaking and honouring your truth.

Joy is figuring out what you hope for, then turning this into something that matters to set your soul and the world on fire.

Joy is travelling through life finding parts of you, you never knew existed and discovering all the wonderful things that this universe has to give.

Joy is exploring all the places that exist in the world that even our imaginations could barely rival.

Joy is realising that you and life are not perfect but that there will be perfect moments, and even the broken bits can be turned into something beautiful.

Joy is surrounding yourself with things that only lift you higher, and letting go of the things that don’t .

Joy is discovering that the ordinary is actually extraordinary.

Joy is loving, nurturing and moving you mind, body and soul.

Joy is spending nights dancing and making love, and days in the sunshine doing what you love.

Joy is sharing the food on your plate and everything that fills your soul and makes you full with the people that you love the most.

Joy is doing all the things that others said you couldn’t because you and those that matter believe that you can do anything, and because of that you do.

Joy is risking it all for your dreams, the foreign and the familiar.

Joy is finding your people and saying I do everyday. I do the exhilarating, I do the intoxicating, I do the inspiring, I do the challenging, I do the overwhelming and I even do the offensive.

Joy is meeting your one and thinking you couldn’t never love someone so much. Knowing that life is just better when you are together.

Joy is when your relationship is more beautiful than any wedding. But that one day you will have one of those too.

Joy is wishing to hold all your love in your arms, and then you do. Feeling a love like no other, just by looking at ten little fingers and ten little toes.

Joy is a physical sensation and a beautiful embrace.

Joy is finding a place to call home and living where all your love lies.

Joy is waking up each day and closing your eyes each night knowing that you are blessed.

Joy is sitting beside the ocean watching a sunset or sunrise being thankful for the better days you have had, and knowing that there are still more to come.

Joy is creating your happily ever after and loving your right now.

Joy is to love and be loved.

So let the joy of what you love, be what do.


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