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The Inspiring Couple Behind Olguin Photography


We recently had the honour of chatting with the lovely couple behind Olguin Photography and today we’re sharing it all for you! We’re covering everything — their business inspiration, how it all started, what makes Olguin Photography different from the rest and what advice they would give to someone just starting out. Keep reading to be inspired by this incredible couple!


What was your inspiration for the business?
Well, the business started out as a real estate photography business which grew to become something very different. Our inspiration for the business now is to create art, inspired by the love of two people, capturing moments that will last a lifetime. 

How did you go about starting up?
We never started our business with the intent to shoot weddings full time. But, I’ve always had a passion for photography ever since I was young. Initially, I was a full-time graphic designer working for a design firm for a local real estate agency. From there I started taking photos for real estate agencies and then realised that I could make a living out of photography. Shortly after getting married we started our own real estate photography business and turned my employer into my client, it worked quite well. Self-taught in photography from the beginning I started exploring the idea of photographing other genres of photography and soon realised I loved photographing people the most. From there I ventured further into photographing friend’s weddings and I realised that photographing weddings was the most rewarding type of photography I had come across. In essence, it involved a lot of genres into one, landscape, portraits, photojournalism etc. And the idea of capturing emotions and freezing a one in a lifetime moment was something unique whilst also having the creative freedom at your disposal. So together my wife and I decided to make weddings our thing. We both have slightly different roles in the business (especially with a growing family) but for us, there is nothing more fulfilling and humbling than documenting the story of two people in love.

What are you offering that is different from the rest?
We offer a photography style that is unique in that it’s quite cinematic and romantic. We know how to create mood in our images with the use of tones and natural light, but more than that we believe we can connect with a couple in such a way that we can very quickly discern their personalities and then bring that out in photos. 

What gets you out of bed every day?
The kids! But to answer the guts of the question, it’s the appreciation that we have been blessed with life. We aren’t guaranteed anything in this life and we believe everything we have is a gift from God. Having this mindset helps us get out of bed with thankfulness and contentment. 

What do you love about your job?
The fact that that it helps us express ourselves emotionally and creatively. The buzz of having to capture a moment at a wedding that people will treasure for a lifetime. 

What does marriage mean to you?
Marriage to us is the sacrificial giving to the other person, selflessly serving each other in ways that ultimately bring joy to both. 

Tell us about your favourite experience as a business owner?
We can’t pinpoint one particular favourite experience or moment. But always our favourite experiences is delivering final images and albums to our couples and reading and hearing about how much joy it has brought them. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone just starting out in the industry?
Our one piece of advice would be to be confident in your art and your ability to create something beautiful for someone else.


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