The free-spirited bride


Five talented women in Fremantle, Western Australia, occasionally come together to create wedding and personal endeavours. Known as The Fremantle Creatives, these vendors have allowed the natural backdrop of pampas grass to encapsulate the essence of the free-spirited bride, Jessica Jade, in this styled shoot.

The unique gown by Rue De Seine allows her wild nature to be expressed in a free, untamed manner. Her facial features have been enhanced by a natural makeup palette, her hair carefully tousled. She is as strong as the wind and flourishes like her unique bouquet of florals. These stunning flowers create a varied texture that flawlessly complements her nature, from native eucalyptus leaves to soft and sweeping white blooms. The rustic wooden table offers the finishing touch, lined with simple gold cutlery and soft grey plates.

Scroll down to experience the rebellious charm of The Fremantle Creatives.


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