The Foraging Florist


On November 1, Hunter Design School is hosting a Flower Crown Headpiece workshop with the very talented florist, Kate Bryce from Two Wild Hands (featured in issue 27 of white). Attendees will be using beautiful seasonal blooms, with Kate directing all of the creative flair. Tools and flowers are provided, and everything you make is yours to keep. See, and scroll down to read a behind the scenes interview with Kate herself.

My work is all about nature; its intricacies, its character and its nuances. I try to capture these details in everything I create, and the best way to do this is to be out in nature, in the wild. I like to gather, collect and take inspiration from the landscape around me. I’m extremely lucky to live on a beautiful property surrounded by bushland, which is often the source of my inspiration. I am also highly skilled at spotting gems along the roadside and frequently pull up to check them out – I always have my ‘snips’ handy! I use the term ‘flowerist’ as I don’t see myself as a typical florist – I am a floral designer with a background in interior design who wants to bring my passion to life. Flowers and I are old friends. I grew up in a bedroom with a daisy bush and yellow banksia rose sprouting up past my low window, port wine magnolia a few metres away and hydrangea lining the fence beyond. From as early as I can remember, this was my view. My grandparents were keen gardeners and it was my grandfather who really opened my eyes to the ‘fairies’ at the bottom of the garden. My first garden bed (when I was in primary school) was almost solely watered by my lovely parents. I couldn’t quite grasp the need to water plants, especially when Saturday Disney was on – I mean, c’mon! It consisted of herbs, tomatoes and a very successful pumpkin vine. Grandpa used to take me walking through his garden, pointing out all of the interesting plants, which I think sparked my juvenile dream of being a landscape architect or horticulturist. Since then I have been on to study interior and spatial design and floristry. I think he’d be pretty chuffed with my career choice.
It’s an incredible feeling being a part of the natural world, to be impacted and surrounded by something I love and am passionate about every day. I love foraging on a new bush track; bringing interesting botanicals back to the studio and making something from them.


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