The Elopement Collective


Founders of the ever-popular Pop-Up Wedding Co., Britt and Josh, are reinventing their brand, focusing on their passion and heart behind why they started in the first place. They are all prepped and ready to launch The Elopement Collective into the wedding space, a service that offers intimate ceremonies for couples who want the focus to be on the bride and groom, not the “glitzy” wedding details.

Why weddings? When we started The PopUp Wedding Co. two years ago, we saw a problem and a solution. The problem was that even in such a modern society there was an expectation of how two people in love should marry. Recreating the traditional elopement brought us to pop-up weddings, where we saw the beautiful and stylish celebration of marriage meet efficient use of resources in a pop-up wedding event. Since then, we have had the pleasure of seeing hundreds of couples elope with us and they even get to keep their house deposit or travel savings!

Why did you decide to change from The Pop-Up Wedding Co.? Creating the pop-up wedding concept has been amazing, but we can’t help but keep on growing and evolving and that process has brought us to The Elopement Collective. It’s a natural growth of the community that has gathered around pop-up wedding events, and our desire to rediscover what an elopement is. We think it’s important to have celebrations that inspire us, to create moments that matter, and to be able to share those moments beautifully. That is what is at the heart of The Elopement Collective: inspirational, meaningful, beautiful celebrations of marriage.

What is The Elopement Collective, and who is involved? The Elopement Collective is a squad of wedding industry people that create epic elopements. We do three things really well: we create epic elopements, popup wedding events, and simple marriage paperwork only signings. My husband, Josh Withers, and I are the entrepreneurs behind the vision, but we’d be nothing without our international team of more than 50 wedding vendors. We work with select venues, florists, stylists, celebrants, photographers and videographers all around the world.

What inspired you to pursue this new area? Our heart behind The Elopement Collective is to celebrate marriage in beautiful elopements. They are about running away from your community’s expectation of how you should form your marriage, and instead, celebrating it in your own beautiful way. We want to give our couples that want to elope access to some of Australia’s most soughtafter wedding talent. Describe the services will you be providing couples. We create epic elopements, which involve two lovers, a celebrant, the smallest handful of witnesses, and a photographer. There’s no venue or furniture; it’s something raw, real and exciting. It’s all about amazing vows and spectacular photos. As the inventors of pop-up weddings we still love and want to continue to create pop-up wedding events, but we’ll also create opportunities for people to legally begin their marriage without a show or an event, but to just sign the paperwork, and exchange their legal vows.

Tell us your plans for the future of The Elopement Collective. Our future is fun and clear; we plan to continue recreating what the celebration of marriage looks like, and encouraging couples to join us on this journey.

See just a snippet of the magical days that The Elopement Collective allow couples to share; a true desire of love, laughter and endless happiness.


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